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OneDrive goes unlimited

10/28/2014 Update:

Yesterday Microsoft pushed an update to to MAS. After uninstalling, reinstalling, and wiping the 10 GB folder I'd like to sync (that's for photos; I upload videos via the web interface) on both client and server sides, it actually began to work. The speed was around 1 MB/s during my last sync of 10 GB worth of data. Not fast, but I will be fairly satisfied if it can keep up with that speed. Time will tell.

The OneDrive team just announced on their blog that

Today, storage limits just became a thing of the past with Office 365. Moving forward, all Office 365 customers will get unlimited OneDrive storage at no additional cost.

Hell, I hate Microsoft, but I have to say that this is big. OneDrive might not be the first to offer unlimited cloud storage (not sure), but it is certainly the first one to roll it out on such a grand scale. Remember, Office 365 is just $99.99 a year. OneDrive might not be the best cloud storage service, especially for OS X customers, but unlimited is unlimited — in comparison, I pay Google $9.99 a month for 1 TB.

Microsoft products are indeed pure crap on a Mac. Office for Mac 2011 is horrible (speed and bloat aside, some features are simply not implemented — try to import a UTF-8 CSV into Excel, all non-ASCII characters become underscores; Microsoft’s response was that Unicode import was not implemented yet). is slow like crawl, and it never finishes syncing — always stuck on the last few megabytes, eating up 100% CPU. Thank god I only use it for backups. The web interface is okay, although Google Drive is faster — blazing fast, I can easily upload with 20+MB/s. But again, unlimited is unlimited.

Microsoft is opening a new chapter of cloud storage. In today’s world, we have so many huge video files, so storage limit should indeed be something of the past. This is a smart move for Microsoft — when you have, say, 100 TB up there (which seems very far at this moment, but what if all contents go 4K), and if competitors don’t offer comparable plans, then you are stuck with Microsoft. And Office. Oh my god, Microsoft Office must die.

Of course I don’t want to be stuck with Microsoft, so I’m looking at how Google and Apple will handle this. Google ought to offer more affordable plans, preferably also unlimited. (My 1Password still has it that I purchased Office for Mac University 2011 on Nov 12, 2012 for $99.99. That turned into a free 4-year Office 365 subscription, which contains 60 world minutes of Skype per month, 1 TB of OneDrive — oh, now it’s about to go unlimited. All for $99.99. In comparison, Google charges me $119.88 per year.) Apple wants you to save everything to iCloud, and it introduced iCloud Drive and Cloud Kit this year — but plans still start at 5 GB and tops out at 1 TB, seriously? Dude, you sell top notch hardware with huge profits; why don’t you pay your customers back by offering better cloud storage — that’s also better for iCloud.