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My name is Zhiming Wang (Simplified Chinese: 王之铭), and I am a Ph.D. student in high energy theory at Princeton Physics (first year as of September 2016). Previously I earned my bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics at Stanford. I enjoy coding in my spare time, for fun and profit — I hate repetitive tasks, so computer programs help me automate and get things done quickly.

My first programming language was Pascal and I consider C my mother tongue, but recently I write most of my stuff in Python and Zsh. My operating system is OS X / macOS, my text editor is Emacs, my interactive (and non-interactive) shell is Zsh, my package manager is Homebrew, and my default browser at the moment is Google Chrome. I use four-space indents when the target language has no established convention that says otherwise. Any source code I publish on the Web is licensed under WTFPL unless a license is explicitly declared (usually OSI's MIT, aka Expat). I am on Keybase in case you are security-minded (or use this link if you just want my public key). PGP or not, you can reach me at [email protected]. You won't and likely never will find me on SNS. What else is there to tell?

This blog could be about anything, but most of the stuff here should be technical. Oh yes, this blog is fully open source, down to how image assets were generated. All tools necessary for reproducing this blog are either in or documented in the source branch of zmwangx/


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