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The Google Chrome Comic — A classic

I was cleaning up my Opera bookmarks just now — I'm semi-officially leaving Opera for Safari. Of course, Safari still can't handle everything (e.g., Adblock Plus is still not so good on Safari, YouTubeCenter lags behind and I don't bother to compile myself — yes, I have a certificate, and some power user features simply don't exist), so I'm still going to Opera/Opera beta/Chrome/Firefox for certain tasks. But Safari is very nice. For the first time.

I started out as a Chrome user (well, don't want to recall the IE days), branched out to the Chromium Opera, and now ended up in Safari. Not sure about the future. When I look back, something nostalgic pops up in mind — the Google Chrome Comic. I enjoyed it more than once, but I never seemed to have archived it. So here it is, combined into one PDF. In fact, you can create the PDF yourself:

seq 0 39 | parallel wget -q{}.jpg
convert $(ls -v *.jpg) 2008-chrome-comic.pdf

Here I was a bit lazy and used a GNU ls feature: -v for natural sorting of numbers (doesn't work for BSD ls).

And here's page 1 of the comic as a teaser:

Google Chrome — Behind the Open Source Browser Project

Google Chrome — Behind the Open Source Browser Project