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It's 2016, and Microsoft is the only legit player who spams me without unsubscribe links

I'm so tired of Microsoft spam. Microsoft is known for being intrusive accross the board, and their newsletters are no different: I literally can't name one legit company in this day and age who doesn't put unsubscribe links in newsletters.1 I get "Azure pricing and services updates" newsletters all the time, as well as "exciting news" from Windows Insider Program (which doesn't excite me at all) every once in a short while.2 I still occasionally receive random Chinese language promotions of Windows, presumably because I used a Windows Phone as my secondary phone for three months back home in the summer of 2013 (which was a horrible experience). Why Microsoft hasn't been regulated for spam yet, I do not know.

  1. To be fair, Amazon used to force promotional email on student members, but (if memory serves) I haven't seen one in ages.↩︎

  2. "If you wish to stop receiving Windows Insider Program emails, you will need to leave the program." I guess that's the price of downloading a couple of Windows 10 insider builds.↩︎